We all want it, don’t we? Happiness? We desperately chase it to the very ends of the realms life holds. Has any of us ever heard someone say, “Nah. I’m good. It’s not my thing, happiness.”? It kind of even feels weird to write that sentence.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be happy. The question is does every Tom, Dick and Harry know what happiness is?

Okay, I’m not about to tell you that happiness is the touch of the early morning breeze on your cheek or that it is the rays of the morning sun reflected by the dew drops on a white rose. That might be it for a traveller, may be a photographer but not us the mango people (aam jantha).

What are we doing? Are we happy doing what we are doing? If not, what the hell are we doing?

When we do things, we know what we like and what we don’t. and when we find that one thing, there is no stopping us. And when will we do that? When we realize that happiness is not the destination but the travel, the path, the experience.

One can find happiness en route if only one has a moment to stop giving chase and look around.