It’s not every day you get to read about a hundred year old protagonist. And when you do, authors like Jonas Jonasson do us the favor of making sure we have a good time.

I wouldn’t say the book was un-put-down-able. And the awesomeness of the book lies in that very fact. You don’t want the pages turned rapidly because what happens when it gets over? Of course it happens with a lot of books out there. So what way is this any different you ask? Well, that’s a tough question to answer without spoilers but I’ll try my best not to reveal anything. You have got to take your time with this one. Here is what I did. I’d read one paragraph, close the book, think about the way Jonasson has written it, laugh and read it out to my roomie and we both sit there laughing about it. Not one paragraph or two, it took 2 weeks for me to be done with the book, so you do the math.

Anything can happen in Allan Karlsson’s life and Allan Karlsson is such a positive person that he could almost put up with anything (you’ll get the “almost” part when you do the honours) or anyone or anyplace. Which in turn means he could almost survive anything or anyone or any place (Well, as long as there is vodka. Vodka – mind you. Not green banana liquor). Any-frikkin-thing. So be armed to meet a lot of people and things and places in that book people.

Oh and did I mention? This book has actually brought out my love for the comedy genre which I was terrified of by the way (Because what if I don’t get the pun?? No that would be horrible. I’ll just stick to thrillers and horrors.). You keep guffawing and people, it might not annoy you as you are the one Jonasson made sure had a good time. But there are people around you who might be annoyed by that constant “he he” or “ha ha”. But that’s okay. Let the whole world go to hell! I’m reading something really really funny-precisely what Allan would say (or so I guess)!

I almost forgot. It’s a translation! Say what now?